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Questions about training dates and applications:

Check this website for training schedules and application procedures.

Questions about individual registration/payment information:

Alissa Medero | Tel (607) 255-4528 | Fax (607) 255-4837

Questions about bringing TCI to your agency, via a TCI Implementation Project:

Andrea Turnbull

Questions about bringing TCI to your agency, via on-site training of trainers:

Alissa Medero | Tel (607) 255-4528 | Fax (607) 255-4837

Questions about individual trainer certification status or future certification needs:

Kris Carlison, | Tel (607) 254-5440 | Fax (607) 255-4837 or
Holly Smith | Tel (607) 255-9149 | Fax (607) 255-4837

FAQ: Why was I never notified of any changes in the TCI curriculum, training schedule, or certification process?

We understand that due to changes in your own schedule, workload, and even location that you may not receive correspondence from RCCP on a regular basis. Here are some things you can do to help ensure that you are up to date on all things TCI, as well as new things the RCCP at Cornell might be doing:
1. Please read your certification letters that you receive when you have completed any TCI training. There may be changes that we are telling trainers about via their certification letters.
2. Check our website periodically. Changes to anything TCI will be on our website, as well as new projects/training that may be of interest to you.
3. Please notify RCCP with any changes in your contact information. This is very important. If your address, phone number, and/or email address changes, please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot maintain contact with you without it.

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