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Kristen Carlison supports the data management needs of the RCCP.  Within these duties she manages the data needs of TCI’s certification and testing system, she manages and oversees both the TCI and CARE databases, as well as TCI and CARE implementation projects.  She also has responsibilities for the project’s quarterly reports, budget proposals, and proposal development.

Kristie Lockwood, B.S., is responsible for processing RCCP instructor/staff travel reimbursements and invoicing for on-site trainings.  She will also be planning events for both TCI and CARE and works in the database on cleanup and updating information.

Alissa Medero coordinates National, NYS and Onsite TCI trainings. She is one of the primary contacts for information regarding registration and training information for all TCI courses.  She is also responsible for most of the social media for RCCP.

Debra Mojica, works for the Residential Child Care Project in administrative services. She assists the RCCP by setting up hotel contracts for New York State and national trainings, organizing logistical arrangements, entering pertinent information into a data base, and mailing training materials.

Trudy Radcliffe, B.A., is the primary contact person for CARE, a program model for residential services. She coordinates CARE training, registration, evaluation, and logistics. She also assists with  the coordination of CARE and TCI research efforts. She has worked i n the human service field for over 30 years. Before coming to RCCP she worked with children, families and educators in the early childhood education field teaching, mentoring, and consulting. She has presented at both state and national conferences on program and curriculum  development,  and  is  delighted  to  continue advocating for children and families with RCCP.

Eugene Saville, B.S., is the administrative assistant for the Residential Child Care Project.  He is responsible for scheduling training programs, handling registration, and coordinating materials for all of the RCCP training programs.  He oversees the web site and provides information and assistance to the public in regard to the many programs of the RCCP.  In addition, he is working on web based training innovations for RCCP.

Holly Smith handles the processing of testing and evaluation materials for the RCCP training. Her responsibilities include scanning and grading all testing materials, e-mailing individual’s certification letters, emailing participants reminder and expiration emails and maintaining the database.  She also prepares New York State, National and International quarterly reports.