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IAB Technical Assistance

The Residential Child Care Project’s Institutional Abuse (IAB) component provides technical assistance to states and individual facilities in the prevention and remediation of child abuse and neglect. The majority of institutional abuse reports stem from child-staff interactions during crisis or upset. These events and their consequences are often driven by organizational values, policy, and practices that may conflict with state law, regulation, and standards of practice. In some facilities, practices and systems contribute to the potential for crisis and upset with the result increasing the potential for aggression and violence. In the course of these institutional abuse investigations, states identify facilities that would benefit from an organizational assessment and planning process focused on a facility’s leadership, clinical services, training, supervision, and critical incident monitoring. The goal of this organizational assessment is to increase safety for children and staff, especially during critical moments when there is a potential for aggression and violence. When providing technical assistance under this component, it is essential that the state investigation and regulatory agencies, the facility, and the RCCP agree on project goals, and assessment and implementation strategies. State agency personnel attend organizational assessment and implementation meetings, and they are part of the team necessary for positive outcomes. The IAB component utilizes direct practice observation, written surveys, interviews, critical incident review and institutional abuse reports to assess and monitor progress in achieving the project’s goals. Emphasis is placed on the facility leadership’s role to maximize safety, and to foster an organizational culture where interpersonal crisis is resolved in a developmental context. To learn more about this technical assistance please contact Michael Nunno,