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IAB Training

The IAB training is a 3-day program for local and state public agencies that are responsible for the prevention, investigation, and corrective action plans of reported abuse of children being cared for in public residential care settings.

Program Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • The legal basis for child protective intervention in residential care facilities
  • The etiology of institutional maltreatment
  • Safety and risk factors
  • Dynamics of an institutional maltreatment investigation
  • Roles and responsibilities of the investigators
  • Crisis intervention and physical restraint guidelines
  • Multiple theory development
  • Five stages of an institutional maltreatment investigation, including coordination with law enforcement, licensing, and the facility
  • Criteria for decision-making at different stages of the investigation
  • Parameters of appropriate corrective action plans

Participants will practice the following skills:

  • Making appropriate decisions at five stages of an investigation
  • Assessing appropriate and safe physical intervention techniques
  • Applying multiple case theory development
  • Applying intervention strategies within five stages of an investigation


Participants will:

  • Develop an investigation plan and make decisions within an investigation surrounding a physical restraint episode — learn safety and risk factors associated with reports
  • Learn crisis intervention and physical restraint guidelines
  • Develop multiple theories about a reported case
  • Understand the roles an responsibilities of the CPS investigator, law enforcement, licensing, and facility administration
  • Know the investigation sequence and protocol
  • Explore the investigator bias about young people in care

More Information About IAB Training

For information about the full spectrum of IAB programs and services, please contact either Michael A. Nunno ( or Martha Holden (