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TCI Quality Improvement and Fidelity Assessment Program

Cornell faculty from the RCCP examine the process and effectiveness of the TCI system that an agency or school has implemented. Specifically, this assessment looks at what aspects of TCI are implemented successfully, omitted, adapted, or remain challenging. The assessment also examines how particular features of TCI implementation may relate to programmatic practices (e.g., the number of restraints used; incidents of fighting or verbal threats). Cornell faculty present their findings to the agency or school in order to improve the effectiveness of their TCI system.

TCI Fidelity Assessment Strategy

The assessment strategy focuses on five the major areas that support the TCI System: (1) leadership and administrative support, (2) clinical participation, (3) supervision and post-crisis response, (4) training and competency standards, and (5) incident monitoring and feedback.

TCI Fidelity Assessment Protocol

The assessment strategy includes data collection and analysis, interviews, surveys, document review, classroom and/or cottage observations, and TCI training observations (if possible). Data collection takes place approximately one month prior to the scheduled on-site visit. Cornell faculty visit the agency or school to conduct interviews, review documents, make observations, and meet with the leadership team to conduct an assessment and planning session. Within 30 days after the visit, the agency or school will receive a written report summarizing the assessment. This report will include the agency’s or school’s status on the TCI Fidelity Checklist and summaries of interviews and surveys. RCCP faculty will recommend program improvements and technical assistance as appropriate.

Eligibility Requirements and Fees

Contact Martha Holden, Project Director, RCCP,, for more information about this program.




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