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Registry of TCI Agencies

Waterford Country School

Congratulations to Waterford Country School for becoming the first TCI Registered Agency.  Achieving this high standard of fidelity to the TCI System is a major accomplishment.  Waterford Country School provides quality care and services to children and families and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to best practice and continuous quality improvement.  They have been a valued partner with Cornell University in implementing, sustaining and evaluating both our TCI System and CARE program model.  In recent years they have contributed to the field through presenting at conferences, hosting community of practice events, opening up their campus to curious visitors, and publishing research results in journals.


TCI Agency Registration

This NEW initiative of the Residential Child Care Project (RCCP) at Cornell University builds upon the TCI Quality Improvement and Fidelity Assessment Program launched in 2014. The TCI agency registration process is designed to formally recognize agencies and schools whose implementation of the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention System (TCI) meets the highest standards. In addition to affirming the agencies' on-going commitment to best practice guidelines and the RCCP's commitment to ensuring that the TCI system is implemented with fidelity, the purpose of the registration process is to build a learning relationship and a community of practice to maintain quality care standards and principles. Also, this is an entrance to a university-agency relationship that has practitioner-based translational research as its goal.

To become a registered TCI organization, agencies and schools must demonstrate meeting TCI System implementation standards by completing the TCI Quality Improvement and Fidelity Assessment process. Once the standards are met, the organization may apply for registration status.

Registration as a TCI organization includes privileges as well as responsibilities. The primary responsibility is to practice in accordance with the TCI principles, share data and explore research possibilities, become part of a community of practice aimed at improving outcomes for children and families in care and/or educational services. Privileges include acknowledgement as a TCI registered organization on the RCCP website, access to PDF files for all TCI Student Workbook materials, and discounts on TCI materials, tuition for TCI training events, and on-site technical assistance. Registration must be renewed every three years.



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