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Registry of Professionally Certified Trainers


Richard Stephenson. Richard Stephenson: Richard has worked with children and young adults with learning disabilities and associated complex needs in the UK since 1996. Richard has gained experience through working at many levels of the Hesley Group from direct support to care management. Richard has also gained valuable experience through working in operational management, learning and development and quality assurance. He is a TCI Instructor and a former PROACT SCIP Principal Instructor. As a Workforce Mentor Richard focuses on offering situational awareness for services and working alongside teams supporting complex individuals. Email:

Michelle Cunningham. “Every child needs at least one adult who is irrationally crazy about him or her” Urie Bronfenbrenner. Michelle is a Learning and Development Manager for Leeds Childrens Service, Leeds City Council. Her passion and enthusiasm is supporting children, young people and their families. Michelle supports heads of service developing strategic learning and development plan. She is proud of the extensive research she undertakes to help design and deliver learning and development programmes in attachment, child development, resiliency, behaviour support and trauma informed practice. Michelle started her career in arts based and youth work sector, working with vulnerable children and young people for 14 years. In 2011, Michelle began training TCI, within a week, it changed how she worked with children and young people as a practitioner. In 2014, Michelle was award a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust grant, visiting Cornell University and Looked After Children Services in New York State and Connecticut. From that visit, Michelle passion only grew in equipping staff with the tools to work with our children and young people. In 2019, Michelle gained her TCI Professional Certification. Email:

Dr. Edgar Hobbs Jr. Edgar is a cultural psychologist and college instructor. He is also an educational consultant, published author, and professional trainer. He holds an M.S.Ed from Long Island University and a Psy.D in Culture and Human Behavior from the California School of Professional Psychology. He received dual licensure in Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling. He provides TCIS training for NYC Department of Education in District 75. In 2011, he received the Guidance Counselor Recognition Award for his outstanding service to educators, students and families. Dr. Hobbs has earned specializations in educational leadership, cultural diversity training, and behavioral management. Dr. Hobbs is also a member of the American Psychological Association, One Hundred Black Men of New York, and Kiwanis International. His goal is to prepare youth, educators, and organizations for the global market. Email:

Marques Richardson. Marques has over ten years of experience in the field of residential child care. He is a lead TCI Instructor and has been training TCI since 2012. Marques became a Professional TCI Trainer December of 2016. In addition to his work as a lead TCI Instructor, Marques also serves as the On Call Supervisor and a CARE educator at the Astor Services for Children and Families. Email:

Ben Jones. Ben is a Training and Development Coordinator with a passion and commitment for supporting youth, families, staff and carers. Ben has vast experience supporting a diverse range of needs. Ben has worked in a variety of roles in the out-of-home-care sector including, direct residential care work, disability work, case work and case management. Further to his work in out-of-home-care, Ben was involved in the development and implementation of the early intervention program Youth Hope. The Youth Hope program works with families and at risk youths in the community by ensuring sustainable wraparound supports, allowing children and young people to remain safely in the family home and prevent entering the out-of-home care system. In 2015, Ben focused on his passion for supporting staff taking up a training and development role. Ben facilitates a number of trainings including The Diploma in Community Services, Foster Care training and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Ben’s focus is primarily supporting staff and carers with behaviour support and self-awareness. Ben’s TCI Journey commenced in 2011 during his role as a direct care worker. Shortly after this, Ben became a qualified TCI trainer. Ben is a dynamic trainer who uses his experience across a number of roles to deliver a relatable TCI training experience.  Ben has qualifications in training and assessment, community services, business administration, mental health and project management. Outside of these roles, Ben is a foster carer and local rugby league coach. Email:

Craig Bailey. Craig is a Recreation Therapist at Crestwood Children’s Center, an affiliate of the Hillside Family of Agencies, located in Rochester, NY. He has been working with young people in residential care since 1996, and has been with Crestwood since 2000. Craig has been the primary TCI trainer for new employees at Crestwood during this time, and currently works alongside the Learning Institute at the Hillside Family of Agencies to deliver TCI training to new employees from all of the service affiliates. He earned his professional certification in January of 2005.

Keith A. Bailey, Ph.D. Keith is the Director of Training and a member of the Executive Team at Harmony Family Center in Knoxville, TN. He has over 25 years of experience working with children and families served by the child welfare system.  He has worked with children in residential treatment and foster care and as a Consultant for the University of Tennessee’s Social Work Office of Research and Public Service, where he trained child welfare staff and foster parents, developed curricula, and offered technical support.  He has trained and consulted across the U.S. and in Canada as an independent consultant and on behalf of the Child Welfare League of America, the National Technical Assistance Center, and SafeGuards. His areas of interests include restraint and seclusion reduction in agencies and schools, changing the culture of care, trauma informed practices, and curriculum development.  He is trained in Collaborative Problem Solving and the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and is a ChildTrauma Academy Fellow. Email:

Patricia A. Ege, MSW, M.S.Ed. Pat is the Vice President of Services at Cunningham Children's Home in Urbana, IL and oversees residential (on-site and community based), two educational, specialized foster care, and independent living programs. She has worked in human/child services for approximately 30 years, taught for the University of Illinois School of Social Work Department, and has been a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention instructor since 1998. She holds a Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation, a Masters in Education, and a Masters in Social Work. Pat is a certified school social worker, a licensed clinical social worker, a certified sports counselor, and a registered COA peer reviewer. Her wide-range of direct, supervisory, and teaching experiences allow her to connect with all levels of staff and adapt to different program needs. As an administrator, she brings a unique perspective of how agency policies, procedures, and monitoring systems are used to evaluate and improve program services including TCI implementation. She has consulted and presented at local, state and national levels with specialties in organizational change, team-building, program development/improvement, and interventions with older adolescents. E-mail:

John Gibson, MSSc (Soc Wk), MSW (CQSW) Dip App SLT (Child Care). John is qualified in social work, in social work management and applied social learning theory. In Ireland he represents the Residential Child Care Project, Cornell University New York. He has extensive experience in delivering TCI Trainer Training, in Direct TCI Training throughout Ireland and Britain and in consulting to agencies on TCI Implementation. Queens University awarded him the Brian Rankin Prize and Medal for outstanding social work practice during his professional social work training. His main professional interest is and remains residential child care. He holds the one year part time Introductory Certificate in Systemic Family Therapy. John is based in Ireland. Email:

Richard Heresniak. Richard has over twenty years of experience in the field of residential child care, working in both school and residential settings. He is a TCI Instructor and has been training TCI since 1989. He is also a certified Life Space Crisis Intervention trainer. In addition to his work as a TCI Instructor, Richard also serves as the Staff Development Coordinator at the Astor Home for Children. Email:

Jack C. Holden, Ph.D. Jack is President of Mueller Holden and Associates in Ithaca, NY. Since 1986, Mr. Holden has been a full-time consultant/trainer traveling nationally and internationally to develop and deliver training programs in the human service field. Mr. Holden consults with Cornell University and co-developed the following curricula: Post Crisis Response-TCI, CARE. Email:

William Martin, M.A. William is the Assistant Executive Director of Waterford Country School, a multi-program human service agency in Southeastern Connecticut. He has been working with special needs youth since 1977 and has focused on youth with serious social, emotional, and behavioral needs. William has his Master’s degree in Human Service Administration and has been a TCI trainer since 1994. William attained his Professional Trainer certification in the Spring of 2004.

Lucinda O'Mahony, MSc. Child Protection and Welfare; Post Grad. Dip. Health Services. Management Lucinda has nearly 20 years' experience in developing and delivering services to vulnerable groups in Ireland and the UK. She worked in a variety of settings at a practitioner and managerial level. Lucinda has extensive experience in residential child care and her most recent post was manager of a regional high support unit. She also has vast experience in services providing both accommodation and outreach for homeless and out of school young people.Lucinda is a Director of Connexion Consultancy, a management consultancy organization which provides a range of training and consultancy services to the Health, Education and Justice sectors. She has been a TCI Trainer since 1999 and Professionally Certified since early 2004. Lucinda has carried out direct training and consultancy regarding policy development and implementation guidance with a number of services including: residential child care, child psychiatry, services for those with developmental disabilities, community drugs teams, youth homelessness agencies and schools. Lucinda is based in Ireland. Email:

Angela Stanton Greenwood, M.A., M.Ed. Angela has worked with a learning disabled population for over 20 years as a practitioner with Barnardos, and now as a training manager for the Helsey Group, England. She is a TCI and SCIP Instructor and was staff supervisor in the program that piloted TCI in England.

Misha Thomas. Having worked in the mental health field for the past 14 years, Misha is currently Training Director, Andrus Children's Center in Yonkers, NY. In 2005, Misha presented his original workshop on staff training at Cornell University's annual international TCI Conference in Dublin, Ireland. Shortly thereafter he received his professional certification from the RCCP. Misha has worked as a freelance writer for the Princeton Review's textbook publishing division and as a group facilitator for teenage group homes at St. Christopher's Group Homes in Westchester, NY and New York City. His article, "Creative Thinking in Residential Care," was published in the spring 2005 edition of "Therapeutic Communities." Email:

Laurence Stanton-Greenwood PGCE, CSS, BA Hons, CIPD. Laurence has worked in the area of special education and care for the last 29 years. Throughout this time he has worked with a range of young people and adults with complex needs including autism, communication difficulties and severe challenging behaviours. This has involved progression from Residential Social Worker to Team Manager and then Unit Coordinator (Care Manager) for 16 years. Laurence also spent five years developing Post 16 vocational education in order to provide a range of educational and vocational experiences to meet identified needs. This includes work related skills, life, social and occupational skills. Laurence also worked at a mainstream College, based in the UK as an Inclusion Manager and Learning Consultant. Part of this role included the development of staff in order to enhance teaching skills leading to more successful learning for students. The last three years has involved a return to working with staff in a specialist education and care provision, providing and developing learning and development activities for staff, competency assessment and the coordination of the learning and development function, Involvement with the TCI programme since 1996. His specialist interest areas are: The use of Augmentative Communication systems to support those who are limited or cannot communicate vocally/verbally, the support and management of behaviours that challenge, individual and person centred planning, the development of education for the special needs curriculum, and the development of staff skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to meet the needs of those with special needs. Email:

Stephanie Guthman, Ph.D. Dr. Stephanie Guthman is the director of Specialized Training and Assessment at The Family Centre in Bermuda. Stephanie works collaboratively with local organizations and government agencies on community projects to create systemic change and is committed to making a difference in the lives of at risk children and families. She views change as a positive opportunity for growth and, along with her co-workers, has successfully provided specialized programs and prevention initiatives resulting in increased family stability and improved family functioning for hundreds of families. Stephanie also holds a Master's Degree in Human and Organizational Systems and has been a TCI trainer since 2006. She became a Professional TCI trainer in the Fall of 2009. Email:

Mary Roach. Mary Roach has over 30 years experience working in out-of-home care settings for children andadolescents in a variety of roles that include direct care, supervisory, and training positions. Mary has been at The Buckeye Ranch, in Grove City, Ohio for the last 26 years, and has been in her current role as Staff Development Coordinator since 1987. In this role, she is responsible for the coordination and delivery of initial and on-going training for professional, paraprofessional, and support staff. Mary serves as the primary trainer at The Ranch in the areas of Orientation, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Trauma Sensitive Care, Behavior Support, Post Crisis Response/Debriefing processes, Client’s Rights, and Relationship Boundaries. She chairs the Staff Development Committee and serves on the Restraint Reduction and Policy and Procedure Committees and serves as the Assistant Student Advocate for the agency. She also coordinates a Mentoring Program whereby non direct care workers are trained as mentors for young people in the residential program who have limited family supports available. Mary has been a certified trainer in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and TCI for Family Care Providers for over 20 years. In addition to her work at The Buckeye Ranch, she provides training on a contract basis for community based, residential, and family care providers through the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program. She has presented workshops at local, state and national conferences for both residential workers and family care providers. Mary can be contacted at: or or by phone at (614)539-6494.

Nick Pidgeon, B.Sc,. Nick is Director of NJP Consultancy and Training Ltd. based in Bridge of Allan, Scotland. He has many years experience in social work and over 10 years experience as an independent consultant. He has provided training and consultancy throughout Britain and Ireland and in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Russia. Since 1993 he has been a consultant to the RCCP. Email:

Sean Nugent, M.S.Ed. Since 2006 Sean has been the Assistant Coordinator of the Bridge Program at Walpole High School in Massachusetts, a program established to service special needs students in an alternative public school setting. Sean has been working with special needs students in both residential and school settings since 1993. He has worked in a variety of roles at The Home for Little Wanderers and the Walker School including five years as Director of Child Care Services. Sean became a TCI trainer in 2000. In addition to staff training Sean has taught TCIF to parents for the MA DMH. Since 2004 Sean has been an active outreach consultant working with families on the development of behavioral plans and on the integration of children into the community. He earned his professional certification in August 2010. Email:

Richard Crane. Richard lives in Lincolnshire UK and has worked with children and young people since 1995 in both the public and private sectors. His experience includes Residential Care (including offending and challenging behaviours), Therapeutic Milieu Therapy Work, Family Support Work and has also been a Co-ordinator For the Family Group Conference Service. In 2006 Richard became a TCI Trainer when the local authority adopted this programme for residential care. Since then he has been instrumental in having TCI promoted into the wider community and has trained other professionals including Foster Carers, Targeted Youth Workers and Family Support Workers. He gained his professional qualification in 2012 and is co-director of Crisp & Crane Training Ltd. Email:

Lee Crisp. Lee is a Children's Home Manager and TCI trainer working in Lincolnshire UK. He began working in children's services in 1995 and has been delivering TCI training to residential and community based staff and foster carers since 2006. He manages a service which has consistently been graded as providing 'outstanding' outcomes for young people. Lee also works as a consultant for BILD physical intervention accreditation scheme, this work is instrumental in raising standards of care for vulnerable children and adults in the UK. Lee is co-director of Crisp and Crane training ltd. Email:

Sheila Roberts. Sheila has spent 18 years in the school setting, teaching and supervising programs for students with disabilities. She originally graduated with a degree in Hearing Impaired education in 1993 and continued her education to receive her Masters in special education in 2001 and then her Superintendent’s License in 2002. She is employed as the Low Incidence Supervisor for Madison- Champaign Educational Service Center in Urbana, Ohio. For ten years, Sheila worked as a supervisor in a program for students with behavioral/emotional disabilities. Since her employment with Madison Champaign ESC, she has served on several committees to improve programming for students with disabilities. She has been a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer since 2009 and was certified as a Professional Level trainer in 2012. Email:

Terri MacDonald. Terri Mac Donald is an intervention specialist, master teacher, and mentor, has worked for 19 years in teaching positions with students in categories ranging from at-risk to severely disabled. She began as a teacher for students with hearing disabilities and enjoyed teaching within self-contained and mainstreamed learning settings for 11 years. Terri began employment with Madison-Champaign ESC in Urbana, Ohio, as a transition-towork teacher in 2006. She developed a program and curriculum to provide social, independent living, and work skills training to students with autism and multiple disabilities in preparation for life after graduation. Terri began teaching TCI classes to staff in 2009, reaching professional level certification in 2011. Her future goal is to be trained in TCIF to support families in need. Email:

David Carter, B.Ed. Hons. David studied in Froebel College and Trinity College, Dublin before teaching in the inner city of Dublin. in 1989 he then took up a teaching post in a special school dealing with young people of the ages 10 -16 yrs with SEBD (Severe Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties).He has 25 years experience working in this school setting, teaching, supervising and providing programmes for and working with at-risk youth, young people with Severe Emotional Behavioural Difficulties and their families. Since 1998 he moved into a management position as Principal/Director of St Paul's Youth Encounter Project, Finglas, Dublin 11 and is still there at present. As associate trainer of TCI since 2001, he has have worked on the implementation of TCI and adapting it to a school setting and has provided training to new and existing staff since that time. David has also given presentations and training on managing challenging behaviour and collaborative problem solving at several educational settings, within mainstream and special schools at both primary and secondary levels. He has been an associate trainer with Polaris HR presenting workshops on Working Effectively with Groups and on Stress and Time Management for County Councils to local groups. David is particularly excited in the recent development of TCI for Schools and has been invited and joined with TCI Ireland to provide training ." Website: David is also director of BEST Consultancy (Behavioural Educational Support & Training) which specialises in delivery of training and consultancy for organisations that provide care or education to children and young people who have difficulty in managing their behaviour in acceptable ways. (Teachers, social workers, social care workers and by negotiation, directly with families). Website: Email: or

Bernie Breen, B.A. (Hons). Bernie is a graduate of Dublin Institute of Technology in Applied Social Care. Bernie qualified with Cornell University, Colorado, U.S.A, in March 2011, as an Associate Trainer in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and secured her Professional Certification in March 2014. Bernie is currently employed by Social Care Training Ireland as a TCI Trainer, Fetac accredited Occupational First Aid Trainer, Manual Handling Trainer, People Moving Trainer and additionally delivers Child Protection Training along with workshops in Conflict Resolution and Leadership and Management skills. Bernie has worked in the area of residential social care for thirteen years with children under twelve, teenagers and over 18's in various roles, including managing an Aftercare Service for young vulnerable adults leaving a care setting. Bernie has worked with the Travelling Community for nine years within the social care setting and is currently in the process developing a Cultural Awareness Training Program to develop teams in the area of cultural competency in working with ethnic groups. For training related queries, Bernie may be contacted personally at, or +353852847750

Kerri Brown, Ph.D. Kerri is an education specialist for Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) providing technical assistance and consultation to clients for improved student learning, job performance, and program development. Kerri has dedicated her career to working with students with special needs as a teacher and as an administrator in both public school and residential settings. Kerri brings a wealth of experience in working with students with disabilities who have social, emotional, and behavioral needs and has successfully provided technical assistance and leadership support to administrators, faculty, and staff to effectively work with and develop effective
services to meet student needs. Email:

Eddie Mendez. Eddie has worked with children and young people in a variety of settings including custody, Residential programs and Foster Care for more than 25yrs. Nearly all of this work has been in Western Sydney, Australia. Eddie has for several years also been involved in the facilitation and development of training workshops. Eddie has been involved with the TCI program since 2000-2001. In addition to his long engagement with the welfare sector Eddie is also a foster carer. Email:

Barbara Maciejewski Wnuk (Formerly  DiValentino). Barbara has been in the field of human services for over 27 years as a direct care staff, supervisor, and trainer at Klingberg Family Centers, New Britain, CT. Barbara had over 18 years of experience working with latency aged children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral problems as a direct child care staff and as a supervisor when the agency had a residential treatment center. She became a TCI Associate Instructor in 2005 and then Staff Development Coordinator for Klingberg in 2006. As Associate Instructor, Barbara received many updates, including TCIF (TCI for Families). As Staff Development Coordinator, Barbara plans, coordinates and delivers a variety of trainings for the agency, including designing TCI Refreshers for many of the programs within Klingberg. These programs include group homes, extended day treatment and Klingberg’s special education school. She is an instructor for the American Red Cross for Lay Responders in First Aid, CPR, and AED, as well as a Risking Connection Instructor (A Training Curriculum of Working with Survivors of Childhood Abuse). Barbara earned her Professional Certification in January of 2015.  Email: or

Daniel Hines. Dan works as a Senior Workforce Training Specialist at Mount Saint Vincent in Denver Colorado. He has worked as a mental health worker and supervisor with traumatized children in the residential and school setting for over 30 years. Dan has been training TCI since 2001. In 1999 he developed and ran an Intervention Team program that focused on quick, consistent and therapeutic responses to potential crisis situations in the school setting. The Intervention Team is still used today and has expanded to benefit the residential program as well. Dan currently holds certifications in TCIS (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools) TCIF (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families) and TCI Post Crisis Response to name a few. He is also a certified CPR/AED/FA Instructor through American Red Cross. He has held this certification for over 10 years. Email: or

Maily Schneider Pickering,B Beh Sc (Psych), Dip Comm Serv Mgt, Cert IV Training & Assessment. Maily started her work with children 18 years ago, facilitating intensive behavioural and educational intervention programs for young children diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. She has continued to support children and young people in a variety of roles within the child protection sector, including Residential Disability Support Worker, Senior Youth Worker, and Program Manager. For the past 10 years Maily’s primary role has been Training Manager with national and state-wide residential child protection agencies. Some key achievements have included instructional design, assessment strategies, co-ordination and delivery of: a Certificate IV Child Youth Family Intervention; internal trainer certification workshops; and core induction programs for Youth Workers and Case Managers. Maily is passionate about Strengths Based Practice and Social Role Valorisation and has completed several short courses hosted by the Health and Community Services Workforce Council. Maily has been a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) trainer for 7 years and became Professionally Certified in February 2011. She is certified to deliver TCI Post Crisis Response, TCI for Developmental Disabilities, TCIF, and Refresher Training. Maily is based in Queensland, Australia. Email

Anton Smith, MSW, RSW. Anton has worked in human services for over 30 years in Child and Youth Care. He is currently the Executive Director with Oak Hill Boys Ranch, a non profit organization that offers residential treatment services for boys. He also worked as a seasonal instructor for Grant McEwen University, Bachelor of Child and Youth Care Program. Anton has presented at international, national and regional conferences on topics related to Child and Youth Care. He has published two peer-reviewed articles in the areas of Residential treatment and restraint reduction. He has been a TCI trainer since 2007 and a CARE trainer since 2010. He recently became a professional certified TCI trainer (Nov. 2015). He also has a strong interest in research. Anton has completed a Masters in Social Work (2005) through Dalhousie University in Child and Family Practice and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria. He currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his partner, Michelle and their three children. His family spends much of their free time in the mountains skiing and at the lake in the summer. Email:

Julian James. Indicated and introduced Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Perth, Western Australia. Currently TCI manager and consultant to adolescent medical/surgical ward, eating disorders program, child day program for children under 12 years and the adolescent secure and open ward of CAMHS. Previously managed the Complex Attention and Hyperactivity Disorders Service and managed the only state-wide psychiatric residential treatment program for 10 years for children age 8 to 13 years with complex mental health issues, attachment history and child abuse. Twenty five years working as a senior clinician is a secure adolescence psychiatric unit, brief home intervention program and as a community mental health child and adolescent clinical nurse specialist.
Initiated and collaborated in the incorporated group senior mental health clinicians, child protection, legal professionals and clinical therapists to develop a feasibility study for the development and establishment of the first therapeutic residential treatment program in Western Australia for children with developmental complex trauma. Educator to post graduate nurses in mental health graduate program. Currently studying and completing a Doctorate of Clinical Leadership and Management at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. Email:

Michael R. Baldassarre, Ed.D. Michael is a lifelong educator with more than twenty years of experience working with children, young adults, and families.  Working in public schools he has held the positions of Special Education Teacher, Principal, Director of Special Education, and Superintendent of Schools.  Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Development from Buffalo State College; a Master of Education in Foundations of Education from Niagara University; a second Master of Education in Educational Administration from Niagara University; and a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.  He currently serves the Everett Public Schools as Director of Special Education where he has devoted his service to improving outcomes for children and young adults by addressing their social and emotional needs in school and at home.  Michael is professionally certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families.  Email: