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Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) Training of Trainers (TxT) Program

This intensive five-day TCI train-the-trainer certification course provides organizations with the opportunity to develop an in-house training capacity in the TCI curriculum. Participants will develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the TCI curriculum necessary to deliver the training to staff in their organizations. Participants will have the chance to participate, practice, and receive feedback in conducting activities to gain immediate training experience. Training techniques such as role playing, leading small group discussions, using guided fantasies, conducting practice sessions, and using audiovisual aids will be demonstrated. Participants will receive all the necessary materials to conduct the TCI training program in their agency.

Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Proactively prevent and/or de-escalate a potential crisis situation with a child or young person
  • Manage a crisis situation in a therapeutic manner, and, if necessary, intervene physically in a manner that reduces the risk of harm to children and staff
  • Process the crisis event with children and young people to help improve their coping strategies
  • Effectively deliver TCI training in their agencies

Program Outline

Day 1: Crisis as Opportunity. Crisis is defined and ways that adults can prevent a crisis situation are identified. Participants are taught how to maintain self-control in preventing or handling a crisis through awareness of their own personal feelings and values, the young person's needs and wants, and environmental effects on behavior.
Day 2: Triggering and Escalation. Verbal and nonverbal techniques for crisis prevention and de-escalation are presented. How to avoid crisis cycles, use protective interventions, and methods to de-escalate a potentially violent child are practiced.
Day 3: Escalation, Outburst, and Recovery. Life Space Interviewing (LSI) techniques are taught and methods to deescalate a potentially violent child are practiced. The rationale for safety interventions is explained and situations when restraint should and should not be used are discussed. The use of various physical intervention techniques and safety concerns are discussed and practiced.
Day 4: Outburst and Recovery. Participants practice Life Space Interviewing. Safety concerns and documentation issues are discussed. Participants have opportunities to practice the use of various physical intervention techniques.
Day 5: Implementing the TCI System. Life Space Interviewing is practiced and the elements of the TCI system are reviewed. All participants are tested for certification.

FAQ: How do I register for a TCI Training of Trainers (TxT) or Update, and when should I contact RCCP to register?
Everything you need to register for the initial TCI training of trainers, or a TCI Update is available on this web site. To register for a TCI Training of Trainers or Update, you will need to do the following:

–complete the online registration process for the appropriate class. The links can be found at

–provide payment via one of the following methods: credit card payment (only available via the online registration system), check, money order, or a purchase order, payable to Cornell University, for the proper tuition cost.

–RCCP cannot accept any registration or payment information via telephone. Since the registrations RCCP receives are accepted on a first-paid first-served basis, and there is limited space in each offering, and classes have been filling up very quickly, we recommend that you register and submit payment as early as possible to avoid being “shut out” of a training you would like to attend.

FAQ: Can I get trained in just the TCI Physical Skills?
No. The physical restraints are not a stand alone set of skills. Staff must be trained in the complete TCI system in order to be certified to use TCI skills, which include the physical restraints.

FAQ: Can I get trained in TCI without the TCI Physical Skills?
Yes. TCI trainers and/or staff can be certified to train or use TCI without the physical restraints, which are optional and only part of the TCI system.

FAQ: How many participants can I train?
The maximum ratio of staff to trainers is 10 to 1.

FAQ: Do I need to go through TCI as a participant before I can attend training to become a TCI trainer?
Applicants to the Train-the-Trainer program must have completed a minimum of 28 hours of TCI training at your organization, if you are training the physical restraints, or 20 hours if the physical restraints are not trained. If you cannot meet this requirement, please contact Andrea Turnbull at

FAQ: Do there have to be two of us to train TCI?
TCI is a co-training model. It is preferred that two trainers conduct TCI training for your staff.

FAQ: How many hours does the core TCI Train-the-Trainer program take?
The core direct TCI training for staff is 28 hours if you are training the physical restraints. The core direct TCI training for staff is 20 hours if you are not training the physical skills.

FAQ: How many hours are required for a direct TCI refresher for staff?
The minimum recommended hours for TCI refreshers for staff are six hours every six months with an annual re-testing/re-certification. RCCP recommends quarterly refreshers for three hours in length for staff whenever possible.

FAQ: Is the training I want to register for still open? If it is, can you sign me up? 

We are not able to reserve space for you in any TCI training without a completed registration and payment for the proper tuition amount where applicable. Training that is not available will be marked as FULL or CLOSED on the schedule page. Training that is not available will NOT be shown in the online registration system. If you are in the online registration system and you do not see a course that was listed elsewhere, that course is full. Please remember that all of our TCI training of trainers (TxT) and Update courses are available on a first-paid, first-served basis. For those of you who are eligible for NYS OCFS sponsored training, those courses are available on a first come first served basis.

FAQ: How can I purchase materials to conduct TCI training?
Direct training materials are available ONLY to TCI trainers whose certification is valid and current. If you are a certified TCI trainer, and you need direct TCI training materials for your staff training, you may purchase:
-Participant Workbooks $15.00
-Participant Certificates $15.00 (package of 20)
If you have misplaced any of your TCI trainer materials, you may order replacements. All materials order forms are available on this web site Again, these items are only available to TCI Trainers.

FAQ: Why was I never notified of any changes in the TCI curriculum, training schedule, or certification process?
We understand that due to changes in your own schedule, workload, and even location that you may not receive correspondence from RCCP on a regular basis. Here are some things you can do to help ensure that you are up to date on all things TCI, as well as new things the RCCP at Cornell might be doing:

1. Please read your certification letters that you receive when you have completed any TCI training. There may be changes that we are telling trainers about via their certification letters.

2. Check our website periodically. Changes to anything TCI will be on our website, as well as new projects/training that may be of interest to you.

3. Please notify RCCP with any changes in your contact information. This is very important. If your address, phone number, and/or email address changes, please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot maintain contact with you without it.

FAQ: Does Cornell University give "CEUs" for TCI Training?
Cornell University does not give CEUs. We will be happy to complete any paperwork that you need or send any documentation that you require to apply for CEUs from your licensing board or university. RCCP is in the process of applying to NYS Department of Education in order to be able to provide Master's Level Social Work CEU’s for TCI training.



Participants who successfully complete the course receive a trainer's reference and activity guide, a DVD and PowerPoint CD, and a student workbook.

TCI Training Packages Offered

The RCCP offers three ways for agencies to access the TCI Train-the-Trainer program:

Regularly Scheduled Open TCI TxT Training. TCI programs are offered on a fee-for-service basis throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Courses are limited to 20 participants. Please click here for information about the TCI schedule.

Agency On-Site TCI TxT Training. Organizations can arrange, on a fee-for-service basis, to offer the TCI TxT program to their staff or member organizations. The program includes a 5-day TxT along with one (1) day of technical assistance to help organization with assessment and planning for TCI implementation.  Please click here for the TCI Onsite brochure that details how to set up this type of training at your organization.

Agency On-Site Assessment and Implementation Package.  This is the most comprehensive package for building TCI into the structure of the organization through an 18-24 month contract that includes an on-site TCI TxT, for up to 20 participants, along with quarterly visits from the Cornell team to provide technical assistance. To discuss the implementation of TCI at your organization, contact: Martha Holden or Eugene Saville, The Residential Child Care Project, Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, Beebe Hall, Ithaca, New York 14853 Tel. 607.254.5337 Fax. 607.255.4837. 

Signing Up for TCI Training

Everything you need to register for core TCI Training of Trainers or for a TCI Update is available on this website. Please proceed to the Registration Center of this website to register for TCI training.

RCCP cannot accept any registration or payment information via telephone. We accept registrations on a on a first-paid, first-served basis. Since there is limited space in each offering and classes fill up quickly, we recommend that you submit your application and payment as early as possible to avoid being “shut out” of a training you would like to attend.

Intended Audience

The Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) System includes three training programs that have been adapted for specific audiences. Note that while the language of TCI instruction has been tailored to specific audiences, all three programs teach the same core TCI material. Click the TCIS or TCIF logo below to get detailed information about these programs.


 TCI Training of Trainers

This course is for trainers, managers, counselors, and care workers capable of training therapeutic crisis intervention techniques. If participating in the physical intervention part of the program, participants must be capable of moderate physical activity.

 TCI for Families

This course is for trainers, administrators, supervisors, foster and adoptive case workers and providers interested in training crisis prevention and intervention techniques to caregivers.


  TCI for Schools

This course is for trainers, principals, school counselors/psychologists, teachers, teacher assistants and other school personnel capable of training crisis intervention techniques.



To Get Information About: (email is preferred to phone call)
TCI Training Dates Click here
TCI Registration Process Click here
Individual TCI Registration or Payment Issues Alissa Burns Medero
(607) 255-4528
Bringing TCI to Your Agency via Onsite Training or TCI System Implementation Alissa Burns Medero
(607) 255-4528
Individual TCI Trainer Certification Status or Other Certification Issues Kris Carlison
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Holly Smith
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Implementing TCI Training for Your Staff Andrea Turnbull
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