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Bringing TCI to Your Organization

TCI Crisis Prevention and Management System Assessment and Implementation

TCI Assessment and Implementation Package

This is the Residential Child Care Project’s (RCCP) most comprehensive program for bringing TCI to your organization. Using a train-the-trainer approach, RCCP staff instructs selected supervisory and training staff in the TCI program to deliver TCI in-service training to all levels of residential child care staff. A work group meets with RCCP staff throughout the project to help facilitate the process and to tailor the model to meet the organization’s specific needs. Technical assistance is ongoing and available throughout the life of the project.   The length of the contract is generally 12-18 months.

Intended Audience

Residential child care agencies and organizations providing services to children and families. 

The Implementation Package Includes 

  • An assessment of the organization's strengths and needs of the current crisis prevention and management system (document reviews, interviews, and surveys may be conducted to assist in the assessment).
  • Instruction on preparing in-house personnel to become TCI trainers 
  • Ongoing technical assistance during the length of the contract
  • Workshops for supervisors, clinical staff, and direct care staff based on need
  • A final evaluation with recommendations for maintaining the TCI system   

Outcomes for Establishing the TCI System in Your Agency 

  • Increased ability on the part of staff to manage and prevent crisis situations
  • Decreased use of restrictive procedures
  • Decreased power struggles between staff and youth
  • Fewer injuries to young people and staff
  • Increased knowledge and skill on the part of all staff to handle crisis episodes more effectively
  • A positive change in the organizational culture

Program Activities

  • Developing an on-site work group
  • Assessing current organizational strengths and needs
  • Developing a strategy to implement TCI
  • Providing ongoing technical assistance during implementation
  • Conducting on-site training programs
  • Establishing a system to maintain TCI

Special Features

  • Assistance with developing the organizational capacity to monitor critical incidents
  • On-site training and technical assistance
  • Selected agency staff (up to 20) trained as trainers in TCI
  • Training materials to conduct 30 hours of in-service training
  • Assistance with developing the capacity for maintaining the TCI system

More Information

To obtain more information about the TCI Assessment and Implementation Package, please download the brochure “Bringing TCI to Your Organization” in the left-hand column of this page.


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