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TCI Certification Process: Associate Certification

The certification program is designed to develop, maintain, and strengthen the standards of performance for individuals who have successfully completed the requirements of the five-day Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) Training of Trainers training. This process affirms our commitment to ensure that TCI is implemented in child caring and school organizations in a manner that meets the developmental needs of children, and the safety of children and staff. Certification includes an agreement to practice in accordance with TCI principles that provide a framework for TCI practice and training, and general standards that include levels of certification, regulations, and requirements for continuing or maintaining certification.

Levels of Associate Certification

Participants may apply for certification without physical restraints or with physical restraints that "their agency policy and state/provincial government allow".  Associate Certification requires that the applicant successfully complete the 5-day Cornell University RCCP sponsored TCI Train-the-Trainer program, pass all written, verbal, physical (if applicable) competency evaluations and be recommended by the TCI instructors conducting the course.  

Obtaining and Maintaining Associate Certification

Certification represents a high standard of professional practice. An associate certification is granted at the completion of training if the participant successfully completes the training and evaluation requirements. To maintain associate level certification, certified trainers must attend, and successfully complete, a Cornell sponsored TCI Update every two years (in New York State, the United Kingdom, and Ireland trainers must be recertified annually).  

Privileges of Associate Certification

TCI Associate Certified trainers may only provide direct training within their home organization, agency, or school in which they are employed.  TCI Associate Certified trainers and/or their home organization, agency, or school may not charge a fee to individuals or organizations for the TCI training (unless there is a current Professionally Certified trainer as a part of the training). For any questions please contact the RCCP.

TCI Associate Certified trainers are eligible to apply for professional certification after a minimum of one year of their associate certification.   

**For further information and additional details, please click the "TCI Trainer Certification" brochure to the left.**


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