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TCI Training Schedule: Europe

TCI Train-the-Trainer (TxT) Course Offerings

TCI Train the Trainer (TxT)    
  21-25 May/18 TBD, Glasgow, Scotland


2-6 Jul./18 Dublin, Ireland


16-20 Jul./18 Doncaster, UK


3-7 Dec./18 Doncaster, UK
TCI for Families (TCIF) Train the Trainer (TxT)    
None scheduled at this time.    
TCIF Update: Designing Refresher Training    
None scheduled at this time.    
TCIF Update: TCIF Ed. 4 Revisions (This update is for current TCIF Trainers who wish to become certified to train the new TCIF, Edt. 4 material.)    
None scheduled at this time.    


TCI Updates

Developing Professional Level TCI Training Skills    


11-12 Dec./18 Doncaster, UK
TCI For Developmental Disabilities    


11-12 Jun./18 TBD, Glasgow, Scotland
  9-10 Jul./18 Doncaster, UK


21-22 Nov./18 Doncaster, UK
TCI for Families Update    
  28-29 Nov./17 Dublin, Ireland
  2-3 Oct./18 Doncaster, UK
Designing Refresher Training    
  31 May - 1 Jun./18 Doncaster, UK
  11-12 Sep./18 Dublin, Ireland
Post-Crisis Response    
  6-7 Jun./18 Dublin, Ireland
  11-12 Jul./18 Doncaster, UK


14-15 Nov./18 Doncaster, UK


One-Day TCI Updates

Note: The following one-day TCI Updates are ONLY available to TCI trainers who have successfully completed two, two-day updates, preferably, “Designing Refresher Training” and “post-crisis Response”.

Life Space Interview for Proactive Aggression    
None scheduled at this time.    
Conflict Resolution    
  30 May/18 Doncaster, UK
Testing, Evaluation, and the Transfer of Learning    
None scheduled at this time.    
Legal Concepts in the Use of Physical Restraint    
None scheduled at this time.    
TCI Trainer Support    
None scheduled at this time.    
Documentation: Writing Incident Reports    


4 Oct./18 Doncaster, UK
Assessing and Managing Risk    


27 Nov./17 Dublin, Ireland


6 Nov./18 Dublin, Ireland


20 Nov./18 Doncaster, UK
The Cutting Edge; Understanding and Responding to Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Youth    

11 Apr./18 Doncaster, UK


9 May/18 TBD, Belfast, N. Ireland


13 Jun/18 TBD, Glasgow, Scotland


8 Nov./18 Dublin, Ireland
TCI Trainer Support: Coaching Skills    
  18 Apr./18 Dublin, Ireland
  25 Sep./18 TBD, Belfast, N. Ireland


7 Nov./18 Dublin, Ireland


27 Nov./18 TBD, Glasgow, Scotland


Information for TCI Europe

TCI Europe
P.O Box 3959
Chesterfield S44m9AE
Please feel free to email any questions to



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