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TCI Update:Documentation—Writing Incident Reports

Note: This update is only open to qualified applicants who have successfully completed both updates: "Designing Refresher Training" and "The post-crisis Response".

A goal of the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention system is to restore the child, the staff, and the program to a state of functioning higher than it was before the crisis began. This circle of learning occurs when there is an appropriate response to the crisis event that ensures safety, support, and an opportunity for reflective practice. Learning from crisis begins when the immediate event is over and is enhanced through effective documentation of the crisis event on an incident report. The incident report can be a useful supervisory tool to enhance learning at all levels of the organization when it is written in a thorough, accurate, and organized manner that objectively describes what took place. Direct care staff and supervisors are responsible for the documentation of many incidents throughout their shift with often little training or instruction in how to write effective and useful reports. This one-day program is designed to assist them by clearly outlining the goals, purpose, and elements of incident reports.

Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:
• Identify essential components for effective incident documentation
• Document incidents accurately, objectively, and sequentially using intervention-response cycles and
• Demonstrate an ability to accurately transfer what was observed during an unusual event and describe that incident in writing

Program Outline

This one-day program will focus on providing direct care staff and others with the necessary tools for documenting incidents so the information will lead to opportunities for learning. Participants will focus on key competency areas that are essential in providing staff members with the information and skills necessary to thoroughly and accurately document these events. All participants are tested with written and competency based tests in order to apply for re-certification.


Participants who successfully complete the update receive a Documentation—Writing Incident Reports reference guide, an activity guide, a student workbook and a CD containing the PowerPoint™ presentation to use in their direct training. 

Schedule and Application

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Eligibility Is Restricted: Please Read Carefully

This one-day update is ONLY available to qualified applicants who have successfully completed two, two-day updates, preferably "Post-Crisis Response" and "Designing Refresher Training."


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