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TCI Update: Designing Refresher Training

This update is a two-day program for current TCI certified trainers. The update provides materials designed to assist certified TCI trainers in designing and implementing effective and agency specific TCI refresher training in order to enhance individual and organization performance. Topics include: the difference between primary training and refresher training; factors that facilitate skill transfer and maintenance; an effective format for presenting TCI materials using the model of discussion, demonstration, and practice; and assessing, designing, delivering, and evaluating refresher training. Participants will be asked to present activities appropriate for refresher training during this update. In advance of the update, participants will be asked to bring their activity guides and sample critical incidents (with all personally identifying information deleted) for review and use during the practice activities. An emphasis is placed on advancing the skill development of the participants in the areas of the early interventions strategies, crisis co-regulation, Life Space Interview (LSI), physical skills, and risk assessment. 

Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Design refresher training to meet agency-specific goals and objectives
  • Develop questions to test recall and application of TCI skills and concepts
  • Deliver an activity that advances skills and provides for corrective feedback
  • Demonstrate effective training strategies that meet the objectives of refresher training
  • Practice physical restraint skills with moderate resistance

Program Outline

Day 1 provides an overview of the differences between primary training and refresher training; highlights factors that facilitate skill transfer and maintenance; presents how to redesign TCI activities for refresher training and how to deliver these activities to the training group; how to use the training model (discussion, demonstration, and practice); and how to use incident reports as a training tool. ¬†Activities focusing on LSIs and deconstructing crisis events. Physical interventions skills will be presented. 
Day 2 focuses on participant presentations that highlight self-talk, crisis co-regulation skills, safety interventions, and risk assessment skills. All participants will be tested with written and competency based tests in order to be re-certified.¬†  


Participants who successfully complete the update receive a Designing Refresher Training reference guide and activity guide.

Schedule and Application

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