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TCI Update: TCI for Schools


This update is a two-day program in which current TCI trainers learn the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCIS) curriculum, 1st edition, which stresses crisis prevention and de-escalation strategies. TCIS is based on TCI6 but revised for schools to reflect “school friendly” TCIS language and scenarios and to address implementation issues inherent in schools. Topics that will be discussed include providing classroom instruction, activities, and routines that satisfy and meet needs; developing a caring community; developing individual crisis management plans for students; and developing physical restraint policies and infrastructure appropriate for schools.

Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify differences between TCI6 and TCIS
  • Describe the impact of classroom instruction on crisis prevention
  • Develop individual crisis management plans
  • Assess the TCIS implementation in their school
  • Develop action plans to improve and/or enhance their TCIS implementation
  • Describe the infrastructure necessary for use of physical restraints in schools

Program Outline

Provides an overview of the changes between TCI6 and the TCIS 1st edition curriculum, including a review of the difference in language relevant to a classroom as well as changes to scenarios used for the variety of role-plays and activities in TCI. In addition, the importance of caring community development, the role of classroom instruction in crisis prevention, special issues related to crisis management in schools, and fidelity to TCI with an opportunity for some assessment and planning will be discussed. Finally, the importance of the school culture and infrastructure as it relates to the use physical restraints in schools will be examined.


Participants successfully completing the update receive a TCIS reference guide, activity guide, DVD of the PowerPoint™ presentation, and a student workbook to use in their direct training.

Schedule and Application

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