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TCI Update:Testing, Evaluation, and the Transfer of Learning

Note: This update is only open to qualified applicants who have successfully completed TWO two-day updates, preferably "Designing Refresher Training" and "The post-crisis Response".

High stakes testing and the impact of transfer of learning has been a controversial issue within the educational arena for many years and the field of training and developing competent care wos intervention training provide a particular challenge for those who deliver the training within the agency because of the inherent risk associated with physical interventions. How do we fairly and competently assess and evaluate those who participate in residential care training? How can we provide inter-rater reliability with behavioral skill assessment? How can we maximize our training efforts to ensure as much transfer of the training as possible? How can we be certain that staff have learned the skills properly? How can we make certain that fidelity to the TCI model is adhered to?...are just some of the questions that need to be addressed in the conversation.

Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • State the criteria for fair testing and evaluation
  • Demonstrate the process for development of agency testing and evaluation protocols
  • Demonstrate application of the inter-rater reliability process to their agency's behavioral skills evaluation
  • Describe the importance of performance evaluations as they relate to the supervisory process and transfer of learning
  • Recognize the important elements of transfer of learning

Program Outline

This one-day program will focus on a variety of issues related to the testing process as outlined in the “Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing” including test construction, evaluation, documentation, and fairness in testing. Additionally, there will be an opportunity for participants to observe and practice the inter-rater reliability process and receive feedback as well as discuss the importance of performance evaluations and the impact for transfer of learning. Fidelity to the TCI certification process will be considered and opportunities for clarification of the TCI certification requirements will be integral to the program.


Participants successfully completing the update receive an outline of the material presented in the day's program.

Eligibility Is Restricted: Please Read Carefully

This one-day update is ONLY available to qualified applicants who have successfully completed two, two-day updates, preferably "post-crisis Response" and "Designing Refresher Training."

Schedule and Application

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