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TCI Update:Risk Assessment and Management

Note: This update is only open to qualified applicants who have successfully completed two 2-day TCI updates, preferably Designing Refresher Training and The post-crisis Response.

In core TCI training the main goal is to provide direct care workers with positive, therapeutic, practical, and proven methods for preventing crisis and safely managing children in crisis. One strategy to achieve this goal in the core training is the development and use of Individual Crisis Management Plans (ICMP). It calls for teams to develop and write a plan to prevent, reduce, and manage crisis events specific to an individual child. Another strategy, equally effective and also useful in the development of ICMPs, is a risk assessment process designed to develop strategies and plans to reduce risk in many situations. This update is designed to assist staff in achieving a greater understanding of the numerous variables in assessing risk and to help staff develop better plans for reducing and managing risk in crises and everyday events. This understanding will assist staff in managing risk so that staff and children can take appropriate risks to grow and develop without creating unsafe situations.

Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Focus on the concept of reducing the risk of injury and trauma while providing meaningful experiences for children so that they may continue to grow and develop necessary life skills
  • Utilize a five-step risk assessment model that care workers, supervisors, and managers can use to assess, manage, and review risk in their programs
  • Explore tools that encourage individuals to consider individual, situational, decision-making, management, and system-wide risk factors which influence risk-taking and therefore positively or negatively impact the life experiences of children in their care.

Program Outline

This one-day program will focus on the risk assessment process. Participants will focus on key competency areas such as assessing risk, planning to reduce risk, risk management and review, and assessing the risk of physical restraints. All participants are tested with written and competency based tests in order to apply for re-certification.


Participants who successfully complete the update receive an Assessing and Managing Risk reference guide, an activity guide, a corresponding student workbook and the PowerPointâ„¢ presentation to use in their direct traininng.

Eligibility Is Restricted: Please Read Carefully

This one-day update is ONLY available to qualified applicants who have successfully completed two, two-day updates, preferably "post-crisis Response" and "Designing Refresher Training."

Schedule and Application

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