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Adapting the Life Space Interview for Proactive Aggression Update

Update Note: This update is only open to qualified applicants who have successfully completed both updates: Designing Refresher Training and The Post Crisis Response.

The Life Space Interview (LSI) as taught in the TCI core curriculum is designed to intervene with children and young people who are overwhelmed with emotions and whose actions are emotion driven. By contrast, young people who display proactive aggression are acting on thought processes. Direct care staff need assessment skills to differentiate between proactive and reactive aggression and adjust the LSI accordingly. This update is designed to assist direct care staff to apply a modified LSI with youth who display proactive aggressive behavior.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:
—analyze how proactive aggressive youth distance themselves from their emotions
—analyze when and how to use the modified LSI for proactive aggressive youth
—demonstrate the modified LSI

Program Outline

This one day program examines in detail the behavioral and verbal manifestations of reactive and proactive aggression and the mechanisms by which proactive youth distance themselves from their emotions. The importance of having a program that reflects developmentally appropriate value based expectations of pro-social behavior that guide youth and staff behavior is emphasized. A breakdown of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to conduct an LSI with youth who display proactive aggression is presented. Techniques include presentation, discussion, demonstration, role play, and practice. All participants will be tested with written and competency based test in order to be recertified.


Participants successfully completing the update receive a reference manual, an activity guide, corresponding student workbook, and a CD containing the PowerPoint presentation used during the training.

Eligibility Is Restricted: Please Read Carefully

This one-day update is ONLY available to qualified applicants who have successfully completed both updates: "Post Crisis Response" and "Designing Refresher Training."


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