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RCCP has moved!

Our new address is:

Cornell University
Residential Child Care Project
3M207 MVR Hall
37 Forest Home Dr.
Ithaca, NY 14853-4401

Please direct any written correspondence, payments, materials orders, etc. to this new address, exactly as shown above. Thank you!

Updated COVID-19 Response re: TCI Update training courses

As the COVID-19 Crisis escalates in many places around the globe, TCI, TCIS and TCIF trainer Updates, including those sponsored by NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) will be provided through a virtual platform.

In-person TCI trainer Updates will be evaluated and determined on a case by case basis.

Virtual TCI Trainer Update courses:


    Virtual TCI Update: Revisions to the Curriculum, Edition 7 course will be offered as 3 virtual half-day sessions. Trainers must submit video of their physical skills demonstrations for recertification in the physical interventions.


    The TCIS Update: Blended Training During the COVID 19 Crisis provides TCIS trainers an addendum to the TCIS Activity guide that outlines what to train virtually, what can be supported with on the job assignments and what is best taught in person. This course is provided as three half-day sessions. Trainers will practice training on the virtual platform. Trainers must submit video of their physical skills demonstrations for recertification in the physical interventions.

    The TCIS Update: Relevant Refreshers provides trainers with three refresher activities that can be used when training in person or virtually. This course is 2 half day sessions. Trainers must submit video of their physical skills demonstrations for recertification in the physical interventions.


    TCIF Trainers can register for the TCIS Update: Relevant Refreshers as described above.

TCI Train the Trainer (TxT) courses: At this time, TxT courses are not being provided. We will be reassessing the situation as soon as it is safe to bring people together again in-person. Please contact Alissa Medero at to be put on a wait list. Those on the wait list will then be contacted when TCI TxT offerings are available again.

Please click here to view the details of the virtual TCI, TCIS and TCIF trainer Updates




Third Eckenrode Award for Partner in Translational Research

This award is dedicated to honoring individuals and organizations who have played a vital partnership role with Cornell researchers to expand, strengthen, and speed connections between research, policy and practice in service of human development and wellbeing. It is named after John Eckenrode in recognition of John’s tireless personal and professional dedication to assuring that vulnerable youth and families benefit from high quality research partnerships.  

This year’s awardee is Bill Martin, Executive Director of Waterford Country School (WCS), a nonprofit human service agency providing a range of services including residential treatment, emergency shelters, therapeutic boarding, foster care, special education and outpatient services.

Under Bill’s leadership, WCS has partnered with the Residential Child Care Project to evaluate and further develop the RCCP’s CARE program model. They have been a critical partner in building the evidence base that resulted in CARE being listed on the California Evidence-base Clearinghouse through identifying areas for research and collaborating with the RCCP research team to examine the effects of CARE on the use of high risk interventions and psychometric medication on children in their care. CARE has been implemented in more than 50 organizations in five countries and is making a difference in the lives of children and families as well as the staff and agencies that work with them.

The award was presented to Bill via Zoom on November 17, 2020. There were 78 people in attendance including John Eckenrode, past and present members of the WCS Board of Directors, representatives from the state of CT, the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, the Residential Child Care Project, members of the Waterford Country School's founding family, and many WCS staff, faculty, and students.


“It’s just a part of the job, Carers know what they signed up for”
Exposing the impacts of physical restraint use on Carers in the Australian out-of-home care sector.

In these last few months, many of the discussions we have had with agencies and trainers have focused on how to support staff caring for children in situations that may become stressful and even potentially dangerous. The use of restraint, in particular, is a topic that evokes many emotions yet we may not often make it a priority to check in with staff about their experiences.

We would like to share a paper written by one of our very own colleagues, Ben Jones. Ben is the Manager of Learning and Development at Allambi Care in New South Wales, Australia. He also leads TACT Training and Consultancy which provides the TCI trainer courses in Australia. For his Capstone project at the University, Ben chose to focus on the experience of caregivers who are faced with the use of physical restraint while working. The value of reflective supervision is something that Ben is passionate about and we hope this paper may inspire some important conversations within your teams.
Click here to download Ben's paper


Resources to support organizations during the pandemic


Sustaining program implementation: Technical assistance to support continuous high-quality implementation of the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention program

Lisa A. McCabe, Ph.D., Mary Ruberti, LMSW, & Thomas Endres, M.A.
Residential Child Care Project, Cornell University

ACRC Poster - click to download
YouTube link -



NOTICE: Training materials

Dear Colleagues,

This notice is to advise you that any CARE and/or TCI training materials order fulfillment may be delayed during the COVID-19 crisis. We are accepting orders, and processing them, the best we can.

As always, CARE, TCI, TCI for Schools, and TCI for Families workbooks may be photocopied as needed, by certified educators/trainers, to get you through until normal operations resume.

If you have any questions about a TCI order, please contact Kaitlyn Martin at

If you have questions about a CARE order, please contact Trudy Radcliffe at

Thank you.


Notice for TCI Trainers

The Residential Child Care Project (RCCP) realizes that you all are working under extraordinary circumstances and we hope you are managing well in these constantly changing times.

We have been receiving many inquiries from TCI trainers regarding how to conduct refreshers and direct training during this COVID-19 crisis.  Regarding questions about whether or not you need to maintain your regular schedule for TCI refreshers and certification requirements, please contact your licensing entity for guidance so that you continue to meet their requirements.

We recognize that these extraordinary times require us all to be flexible in our thinking about TCI training. The following are some training adaptations that we recommend during this crisis:

      • temporarily use e-learning strategies to refresh and discuss content for the skills and strategies of prevention and de-escalation. Keep in mind that staff need to be able to use these skills with the children so they will need opportunities to practice and receive feedback.
      • conduct training with smaller groups, adjust seating in the room so that there is more space, and maintain the basic precaution of frequent hand washing.
      • focus on the safety issues related to restraint. Consider the impact that corona virus might have on both children and staff—upper respiratory concerns will be something to be extra concerned about when considering the use of restraint.
      • consider what physical skills are absolutely necessary and only certifying staff in those skills.
      • use the physical restraint demonstration videos and reduce the number of live demonstrations when training staff.
      • require fewer repetitions of the skills if staff can demonstrate competency.

We hope that TCI is helpful during this time of increased stress and anxiety. Creating a therapeutic milieu for children and staff is essential, especially now. The conditions are set for more stress and pain-based behavior due to everyone’s heightened worry and all the change that is happening hour by hour.  Focusing on engaging and fun activities with the children and young people can help relieve stress and anxiety for both staff and children.

We are sending our hopes that you will all stay strong and continue to be able to serve the children and staff in your organizations. If we can be of any assistance, please let us know how we can help.

Andrea Turnbull
TCI Program Manager
RCCP/Cornell University



COVID-19 Precautions

Dear Colleagues,

We at the Residential Child Care Project, Cornell University are all concerned about the COVID-19 disease, and we want to do all we can to protect our participants and our faculty as we chart this unknown territory.  We have implemented social distancing within our own organization, and we are following the CDC, NYS Health Department, and Cornell University guidelines. 

All trainings listed on our website are still scheduled.  We continue to monitor the situation closely and will inform you immediately if we need to postpone a training in which you are enrolled.  

Here are the steps we are taking to provide as safe an environment we can during our trainings:

We are asking that any participant feeling unwell or from an area where there has been an outbreak to NOT attend the training.  You will be able to apply your tuition to a future offering or receive a refund.

If we need to postpone an update training, we will notify you as soon as we are able to reschedule it in the future.  In the meantime, we will extend your certification until the next available offering in your area.

We ask that everyone follow the precautions set forth by health professionals (e.g., social distancing, wash hands frequently, avoid contact with others if you are feeling unwell).

Please know that we are working on additional guidelines and measures in order to be prepared as we learn more about the impact this virus will have on our ability to deliver training.
We will keep you informed as we explore additional options such as postponing training, or temporarily modifying how we deliver TCI training.

Martha Holden
RCCP Project Director
Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research
College of Human Ecology
Cornell University



What is Translational Research? - Video


Please visit the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR page for more information about translational research:

Or, you can view the above video on the BCTR YouTube channel at:


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