Implementing the CARE model will enable an organization to organize and deliver quality services according to evidence base principles.  The decision to implement CARE requires collecting information and making a decision that CARE is “good fit.”

Steps to Begin Implementation

Step 1: Contact Cornell

William Martin ( is RCCP's initial contact for agencies interested in CARE implementation. Bill will discuss if CARE is a “good fit” for organizations in North America; for organizations outside of North America, Bill will recommend regional partners. There is no cost for initial inquiries.

+ Step 2: Learn More About CARE

Download the CARE Information Bulletin for extensive information about CARE and the implementation process. RCCP can facilitate contacts with CARE organizations to discuss their experiences with the CARE model. 


Step 3: Make a Decision

Once the organization decides to implement CARE, a 4-year agreement is signed and Cornell consultants will be assigned to the organization. CARE implementation is a “go!”



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