THE RCCP PORTAL is a secure, single user, and password protected site designated for certified TCI/TCIS/TCIF trainers, CARE educators, and CARE organizations. Instructions for using the RCCP Portal are detailed below. Click the Portal icon to the left to visit the Portal.

The following information is available on the portal:


Training History: certified TCI/TCIS/TCIF trainers can see, at a glance, which Training of Trainers Courses they have completed.

Trainer Certification Status: TCI/TCIS/TCIF trainers can see their certification status, as well as effective and renewal dates of their TCI/TCIS/TCIF trainer certification.

Downloads: certified TCI/TCIS/TCIF trainers can download resources, PowerPoint, and video content for courses they have completed.


CARE Educator Status and Training History: CARE Educators can see their status as a CARE educator, as well as their training history with the RCCP.


Click the Portal icon to the left to visit the Portal.

NOTE: New users should read the instructions below before registering for the Portal.

  1. Register for the Portal by clicking here (if you have not already done so while registering for a TCI Update). NOTE: registration is only available to certified TCI, TCIS, TCIF trainers, and CARE Educators.
  2. Follow the steps provided in the pdf "Instructions for using the RCCP Portal" - updated 2 May 2023

Coming to the Portal in 2023:

The RCCP Portal is updated regularly. Please watch for new elements. Here are a few features coming in 2021.

Document Sharing for TCI/TCIS/TCIF Trainers

Certified trainers will be able to download PowerPoint© presentations and handouts for any TCI/TCIS/TCIF training that they are certified to train.

Ordering TCI/TCIS/TCIF Materials

Certified trainers will be able to order materials that they are certified to use in training TCI/TCIS/TCIF in their organization.

Document Sharing for CARE Educators

CARE Educators will be able to download tools used in the effective training in support of CARE implementation.

Document sharing for CARE Organizations

Designated person(s) within a CARE organization will be appointed as the organization’s CARE contact person. They will be able to download CARE tools designed to assist with CARE implementation at an organizational level.

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