The RCCP mission is to improve the quality of care in residential settings and other child serving settings by designing, delivering, and evaluating programs and conducting translational research to inform and improve services for children and families.

The RCCP is administered by the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR), which is located within Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology.  The BCTR mission is to improve professional and public efforts to understand and deal with risk and protective factors in the lives of children, youth, families, and communities that affect family strength, child wellbeing, and youth development. Translational research, as defined by the College and the BCTR, is the systematic application of research findings into the development of innovative interventions, practices, and policies that may ultimately improve health and well-being. The knowledge derived from these interventions feeds future research.

Martha J. Holden, M.S., is a Senior Extension Associate with the BCTR, principal investigator and Director of the RCCP. Ms. Holden provides technical assistance and training to residential child caring agencies, schools, juvenile justice programs, and child welfare organizations throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and Israel. She is the author of Children and Residential Experiences (CARE): Creating Conditions for Change, a program model for residential care organizations and the lead developer of the TCI System.

2021 NEWS: The RCCP Has Moved

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MVR Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

College of Human Ecology, home of the RCCP, on the Cornell University campus, Ithaca, NY.

Published with permission, Cornell University, College of Human Ecology; Paul Warchol, photographer.

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Thanks to the Ithaca Youth Bureau, Ithaca, NY, for granting permission to use their mural (featured above), and especially to the artists involved: Johanna Baker, Summer Bartholomew, Lori Bontempi, Leland Chapin, Jon Gowin, Barney Knewstub, John Longo, Harmony Mayhak, Tiffany Reynolds, and Keith Robbins.

Global Locations Practicing TCI and CARE


USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Israel, Bermuda, South Korea, and Russia


RCCP Timeline | Serving Children and Families for Nearly 50 Years


Home of the RCCP, Family Life Development Center, Created by New York State Legislature in the College of Human Ecology, Cornell University



Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Launched



Residential Child Care Project Established



TCI, 2nd Edition, Published



TCI, 3rd Edition, Published



First TCI Train-the-Trainer Conducted in the United Kingdom



TCI, 4th Edition, Published



-First TCI Train-the-Trainer Conducted in Australia
-First Edition, TCI for Family Care Providers, Published



TCI Train-the-Trainer Conducted in Russia



First RCCP International Conference Held, TCI: An International Perspective, Ithaca, New York



-TCI, 5th Edition, Published
-TCI Trainer Certification Begins



First TCI Train-the-Trainer Conducted in Israel



First TCI Train-the-Trainer Conducted in Bermuda



-TCI Receives BILD Accreditation, Europe
-Second RCCP International Conference, Achieving the Balance: Best Practice for Managing Challenging Behavior, Held in Dublin, Ireland
-International Symposium: Examining the Safety of High Risk Interventions for Children and Young People, Held in Ithaca, New York



TCI Awarded National Staff Development and Training Association (NSDTA) Quality Award



RCCP Awarded The College of Human Ecology at Cornell University’s Outstanding Accomplishments in Extension/Outreach Award



Children And Residential Experiences: Creating the Conditions for Change (CARE) Piloted



-TCI, 6th Edition, Published
-Children and Residential Experiences: Creating Conditions for Change, written by Martha J. Holden, Published by the Child Welfare League of America, Washington DC



Family Life Development Center merges with the Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center to become the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, home to the RCCP



-TCI for Schools, 1st Edition, Published
-Third RCCP International Conference, In the Best Interests of the Child: Caring for Them-Caring for Us, Held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina



TCI Quality Improvement and Fidelity Assessment Program Launched



Fourth RCCP International RCCP Conference, Building a Community of Practice, Held in Lake George, New York



California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse (CEBC) Lists CARE as a Promising Practice



Waterford Country School, Quaker Hill, CT, becomes First Registered TCI Agency



-CARE Agency Certification Process Launched
-Waterford Country School, Quaker Hill, CT, Becomes First Certfied CARE Agency
-CARE Academy Established



TCI, Edition 7, Launched



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