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RCCP to host its Fourth International Conference, Building a Community of Practice, June 21-24 2016.

This event will highlight the importance of communities of practice in creating conditions for learning which lead to improving caregiver practice and outcomes for children and families. It will take place at the Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center in Lake George, NY. You can now register for the conference online! Click the link below or paste the URL into your browser to register:

TCI Fidelity Assessment Program Makes Its Debut.

This is a project for child care agencies or schools that would like the RCCP to assess their use of TCI. Consultants from the RCCP will conduct on-site and off-site examinations to assess the process and effectiveness of the TCI system that the agency or school has implemented. Organizations with a high fidelity to the TCI system are included in a Registry of TCI Agencies.

Registration for TCI Training Programs is Now Available Online.

If you want to register for any open enrollment TCI Training Programs conducted in the United States you may now do this online. RCCP accepts credit cards. Click link below for the online United States open enrollment TCI training 2016 Online Registration:

Please note that the online registration system is a secure and trusted site and you may be prompted to accept the site prior to registering. Please follow the steps to accept the site and you will be re-directed to the registration page.

***PLEASE be sure to enable pop-ups AND print your receipt, if paying via credit card, once your transaction is completed.***

Martha Holden Brings CARE, TCI To Korea.

Martha Holden, Project Director of the RCCP, was invited to South Korea in September 2015 to meet with the Vice Minister of Gender Equality and Families, and to present at the international symposium, "Developing Residential Treatment and Rehabilitation Services for Youth Who are Emotionally and Behaviorally Disturbed in Korea: Reflecting Current Conditions and Seeking a Way to Maturity."  Martha addressed the 200 people in attendance, providing details about the RCCP’s CARE Model and participated in a panel discussion addressing issues of residential treatment in South Korea.  She also conducted a presentation on TCI and CARE for 100 participants at a Staff Education Day at the National Youth Healing Center held for center staff and professionals from other programs in Seoul.

Watch this space to follow Martha as she travels the globe!

Results of 5-Year Study of the CARE Model Presented at Regional Events.

Learn about the results of the CARE Implementation/ Research Project studies, which were presented at two regional CARE Seminars. RCCP staff reported that study findings demonstrated that CARE implementation led not only to fewer behavioral incidents, but also fewer physical restraints and less frequent use of psychotropic medication. Read more at:

Making CARE-Planning Less Complicated: A Template for Better Implementation.

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust of Northern Ireland presents a planning tool to assist residential child care practioners in integrating the CARE program model into practice. The HCS team created the "CARE-Giving Journey Planner" based on their own experiences in establishing a CARE-based practice. Read more at:

TCI for Schools Training-of-Trainers Program

This training is for public and private school personnel who want to prevent, de-escalate, and manage students' disruptive behavior. The TCIS system gives schools a framework for implementing a crisis prevention and management system that reduces injuries, teaches students adaptive coping skills, and improves the school's response to students' crisis behavior.

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