Deborah E. Sellers, Ph.D., Director of Research and Evaluation for RCCP, is a sociologist with master’s level preparation in biostatistics. Debbie coordinates research and evaluation activities as well as data collection and reporting activities required in the implementation of TCI and CARE. She has expertise in program and research administration, research and evaluation design, the design and implementation of survey research, and the analysis of quantitative data as well as data collection and processing. Debbie has managed multi-year, multi-site, multi-component studies for 25 years and has published in journals such as the American Journal of Public Health, Preventive Medicine, Health Education and Behavior, Patient Education and Counseling, Social Science and Medicine, and Prevention Science.

Charles Izzo, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Associate at the BCTR and a member of the research team in the RCCP. He studied Clinical and Community Psychology with a specialty in the design and evaluation of community-based services to improve family functioning. His work has focused on applying social science research and methods to improve the quality of human service programs, particularly those that target caregiving. He has published in journals such as Prevention Science, The American Journal of Community Psychology, and the Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community.

Lisa McCabe, Ph.D., is a Research Associate at the BCTR. Her research focuses on supporting high-quality services for children and families through program evaluations and policy studies in the areas of child welfare, early care and education, and home visiting. Lisa has published in scholarly journals such as Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Infant Mental Health Journal, Educational Policy, and the International Journal of Child and Family Welfare. Her work has also been shared through practitioner focused papers (e.g., Zero to Three) and research/policy briefs (e.g., QuickTRIP) designed to bridge the research to practice gap.

Michael Nunno, D.S.W., is a Senior Extension Associate with the BCTR. He has expertise in social policy, regulation, and legislation related child welfare issues as well as specific expertise in the identification, prevention, and etiology of child abuse and neglect in residential care. More recently Dr. Nunno has been working with therapeutic and residential child-care organizations to measure the impact of the RCCP's TCI system and its CARE program model on critical incidents.

Elliott G. Smith, Ph.D., is a developmental psychologist with methodological expertise in experimental psychology and statistical analysis and content specialization in child maltreatment and child welfare. He is a Research Associate at the BCTR where he serves as statistician and CARE data specialist for the RCCP. In his research, Elliot evaluates the evidence for the effectiveness of the CARE program model. His implementation efforts center around providing quantitative data back to practice professionals in ways that is approachable, motivating, and actionable. His published research has appeared in numerous journals, including Child Welfare, Developmental Psychology, Journal of the American Medical Association, Pediatrics, and Prevention Science.

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